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Originally Posted by sea_major View Post
After seeing the "how the other half lives" thread, it got me thinking.

Do we measure a person's success by their material posessions?
Does the size of our boat equal the amount of our success?

Boat ownership to me is a status symbol. You don't see too many folks playing on the water who struggle financially - regardless of the size of their boat. I'm simply curious what THT members consider a "successful" person.

Personally, I find that anyone who can support himself and his family with a decent standard of living is successful. I do not make hundred's of thousands of dollars annually, though I am not poor. I have an advanced degree (at the end of this month) and am married to a wonderful woman who is also well educated. We both have great jobs in that they balance time on and time off and provide our family with food, shelter, and plenty of "stuff" to play with. Is this not successful?
It depends what you call successful. If you measure success by the size of your checkbook you will probably never be successful enough. If you have a good family, realtionship with God, enjoy your job and can look yourself in the mirror everyday knowing you have been a good person than you might be very wealthy and not even know it.

Personally I have a job that I enjoy most of the time, I make a difference when I can in the community. I make my bills and have a descent boat, I have my health, I still love my first wife after 19 years..So yep, I am successful, very happy and blessed.

My wife was just telling me of a family she knows that has a 15 year old dying of brain cancer and the end is near for her. I cant even imagine, yes my family and I have been blessed. It always depends on how you look at things.