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Exclamation On-line Trolls and Rogue Web Sites

There are “legitimate” web sites, with acceptable rules that appear to be a “safe” playground, that are safe only in appearance. Unfortunately with an abundance of bad people and bad web sites masquerading as legitimate the only safe option is to stay away.

That has been my experience with Club Sea Ray. The CSR web site has a normal set of rules regarding conduct and content. When those rules were flaunted by trolls engaged in personal attacks, objections were raised with the CSR moderators who then joined in the feeding-frenzy, adding their attacks to the cacophony.

My opinion remains that these small-minded, nasty and insecure jerks will continue in a never-ending series of personal attacks, adding to the thousands of replies and the dozens of topics that still remain on CSR targeting wingless. My ego is secure and unfettered by this baseless onslaught.

The current issue is that this has now severely affected my family.

There had been a gradual shift towards my increasing security once these attacks started, due to my concerns and to those of my wife from these on-line personal attacks, now always locking all doors, now always arming the perimeter alarm and now always ensuring the personal protection remains at-hand, both at-home and on the boat, even though we live in a beautiful neighborhood and boat along the US eastern coastline.

The piece of resistance was when CSR members recounted a recent multi-family get-together and the topics discussed were “humor from following bad CSR advice on Vacuflush repairs” and attacks on wingless.

This totally “creeped-out” the wife!

Here are people at a social family gathering that are totally obsessed with personal attacks on someone they have not met yet!

Maybe these people only need wingless for a piñata because they lead an empty and meaningless life and need to bolster their hollow ego. Maybe they won’t ever engage in direct physical attacks.

Who knows?

Even if they don’t ever act on the threat to my family, the other concern is that the never-ending incitement against wingless. That has also created a threat to my family.

I have not ever met any of these people, but they are totally obsessed with attacking wingless!

The only positive steps taken by the CSR forum moderators was to finally change the appearance of the word “wingless” to “********” and to finally just delete a topic with obscene images controlled by the CSR trolls and CSR moderators. It was the wingless request to remove that obscene content from CSR that caused the moderators to banish wingless a year earlier.

The banishment of wingless was well over a year ago, but the obsessed CSR trolls continue engaging in personal attacks unabated.

The CSR moderators have ignored all subsequent requests to remove any personal attacks against wingless. The trolls now use: wingcrap; wingtard; w!ngless and a plethora of additional spelling iterations for the personal attacks to avoid the recent asterisk filter. The CSR moderators tolerate and participate in that conduct.

There is not an allegation that I am innocent. I’ve tried ignoring the attacks, responding to the attacks and even lashing-out in-response. I even rejoined using a new account to respond on-line. Nothing helps! The CSR personal attacks are incessant.

Now that my family has been affected I find the situation perpetuated by these bad people totally unacceptable!

The CSR trolls and moderators continue to stalk me, both here on THT and on the Bayliner forum, with 20+ troll hits a day into my user profiles.

The other troubling aspect is that these trolls and moderators are parents, guiding their brood down this ego-centric, evile path.

My advice is to be wary of CSR, to minimize your on-line profile and to never post any personal information.
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