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Originally Posted by kmo View Post
As several others have said, keep looking well down the road, watch for potentially challenging situations and plan ahead. I always tow less than 75mph and keep an eye in your mirrors because problems can come from behind as easy as in front. The biggest impact you can have is practice and stay patient.
Let me further clarify this point since it can sometimes be confusing. I use to tow with a V10 and could feel the heat from behind. Now with the diesel - I do not have that heat anymore (the improve mileage was an added bonus).

When you are towing. It is easy to control what is coming up ahead because it is always in plain view. As for the rear. Not everything is in plain view. In fact 80% is blind.

If you are unable to keep up with traffic easily. The effect of being unable to keep up with traffic is: [1] a lot of unneccessary lane changes from car in overtaking you, [2] the increase risk of one of those cars rear ending you (that is the reason why there is minimum speed on highways), [3] it makes it much harder to change lane because of constant overtaking.

In a nutshell. You need good brakes for handling what is in front of you. You need sufficent engine for handling what is behind you. Most important of all. You need good chasis to handle the load. (this is the aspect that most private hauler miss - yet it is the most important)