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Originally Posted by Elusive View Post
emudryj - In the setup (which is very easy) there is a "Load Profile" tab which allows you to monitor 5 loads. Once you have the MTU (CT's & voltage sensor) working on a panel and establish a baseline, you setup a load profile by pressing the "Learn" button and turning that load on. The system then recognizes and monitors that load when it is on.
Great!!! it seems to be fairly easy... I have a good working relation with most new technologies so I do not expect to have big issue... now let me ask you someting...
I have 2 panels, 200 amps each.
I ordered the TED 5002C that comes with the handheld, the gateway and 2 mtu/ct.

the MTU/cts goes one on each panel and the gateway plugged in to an electrical outlet probably close to my computer.

Am I missing any extra piece of hardware if I want to monitor specific loads like the A/C, heater, etc???
will I be fine with the 2 MTUs/CT???

If I do I would like to know to order right away and get it all togheter...

I would appreciate your comment on this
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