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The replacement cartridge is about $75. It takes 20-30 minutes to install (the guys doing the show demos can do it faster, but they are doing it more frequently than the average woodworker). You just remove the insert around the blade to get it out.

Garrett, you are probably right that you can't use it with a dado blade (I am not sure, but it stand to reason).

The saw is considered by many on woodworking forums to be a very good say on its own merits without regard to the blade-stopping feature. I suspect that the saw will take the hits from stopping a few times. I would say that a person should stop using a table saw if they hit their fingers with the blade more than once (or maybe twice).

I think any significant table saw injury (finger or two cut off) will cost a person much more than $4K in medical bills, lost job time, pain and suffering, nagging from the wife, etc.
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