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emudryj - In the setup (which is very easy) there is a "Load Profile" tab which allows you to monitor 5 loads. Once you have the MTU (CT's & voltage sensor) working on a panel and establish a baseline, you setup a load profile by pressing the "Learn" button and turning that load on. The system then recognizes and monitors that load when it is on.

Rob - Just started this week. We have a had a lot of clients (dozens which seems like more than a coincidence) over the last year complain that PEPCO is intermittently charging them way more than normal (i.e. interior townhouse getting billed $1900). I thought I would check out the technology as a possible tool to identify inaccurate billing.

Note to those with Home Automation systems. The system uses powerline technology transmitted at 130Hz. It interferes with X10 and Insteon systems which transmit at 120Hz. I have ordered filters to hopefully eliminate the interference to my HA system