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I agree somewhat on both points.

This thing has been gushing oil for over a month. I am amazed they couldn't figure out how to at least slow it down by now.

My opinion? They are using the "top kill" method as a last resort, but it has the greatest chance of working. So why wait so long to use what seems like such a simple resolution? I think its because this method will kill the well. Their prior attempts were not to stop the oil flow but to contain it so it could be used for profit.

To me that seems like they were more concerned with their profit margin more than the affect the gusher would have on the environment and economy. In other words....greed!

I wouldn't be so harsh if I didn't feel like the oil companies were screwing us. There is no reason gas can't be under 2.50 a gallon. But we have been paying well over that with exception of the quick drop last year. Hell the year before we were paying well over 4.00.

So take those billions and kill the friggin well. Then take more of our billions and drill a new well and get on with business. I see 3+ a gallon gas in the near future and I'm sure it will be blamed on this oil spill.

So yeah....screw em! Boycott BP gas, this will force them to lower their prices which will make the other follow and maybe we can see some reasonable gas prices for a change.

Thats my take on it.