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Originally Posted by flyau98 View Post
If you are so smart, why don't you go down and take over?

I imagine BP has some fault here, but this blowout could have happened to any one of the rigs... And its not like there is some brilliant, guaranteed to stop it method out there that BP just doesn't feel like trying.

But your idea...bankrupting them, that will definitely help them have the cash flow to keep working on it.

I hear CITGO aka Venezuelan Petroleum would like to have your money, and they promise to be more responsible with it.
There is over a trillion dollars in oil rigs sitting in the gulf. Which means they have to be making at least 50x that much each year or they wouldnt be in business. I think they have plenty of money to clean the oil up even if we bankrupt them. This one leak is probably like taking 50 of your buddies out to dinner every night in normal people money terms, which means about $2-20 million a day BP money.