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Originally Posted by jrolin1 View Post
The steak was without the saw stop device. The hot dog was with. Since it has to be replaced when it is set off it could get expensive if it goes off when it should not.
Correct you are sir, my error.

You know I was thinking about the guy's product and ALL THAT FORCE to stop a blade that quickly. I watched the video again and paid particular attention to the saw blade, man that's a LOT of flex that blade is subjected to when it stops dead in itís tracks! I wonder how well the armature holds up to all that stopping force? I'd wager to say "many" cheaper saws wouldn't stand up to that force; theyíd need replacing because of armature damage/ run out.

Also, the video doesnít make any mention of the electric motor taking a SERIOUS hit, power is on but the blade isnít turning = one smoking motor in no time! But hey, maybe dropping 4k on a saw and saw blade is cheaper than losing a part of oneís finger/ thumb.

Next thing that isnít talked about in the video, is how is the thing installed? Does one have to remove the table of the saw to install the unit and then re-setup the top to blade and the fence to the blade??? If any of you are as particular as I am, it takes Hours to get things setup to within a thou.

And by the look of things, I donít think one could run a dado blade setup with the unit installed?
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