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Originally Posted by twentynine View Post
86 you think maybe you a little obcessed with this lost show thing
No. The show had/has a HUGE devout audience. It was more than your average show. So very well written that you actually became very invested (emotionally, purely on an entertainment /mental escape on a weekly basis level....) in the characters. It is a character driven plot like no other.

A lot of people are still a bit confused about certain aspects of the show, I simply tried to help clarify their questions. I spent six years watching this program, so, naturally it's a part of my life on some level. However, if you read my earlier posts, you will understand that I am now basically, television free....I no longer am bound to the tube by ANY program.

Matter of fact, there is ONE show I love to watch, because I LOVE to laugh, and this show gets me laughing HARD! The Sarah Silverman Show. BUT...I have decided to not watch it on a weekly basis anymore either. I will wait for the show to be released on DVD every year & buy it & watch it that way. The days of me setting my schedule around a television series are over. If I want to see something bad enough, it'll have to be on DVD, on my time frame, not theirs.

I take it you weren't a watcher of LOST? If not, then, it would be hard for you to understand the attachment to the show. However (Hmmm, I think I like that word, "However") I fully realize it's a show, not real & purely other words, I'm not obsessed...just ask my shrink
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