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Default The estimated street value of the horsemint is $0.

Hope someone got a pic! They must be getting some stick down at the jailhouse!


Overzealous Texas Cops Mistake Weeds for Weed

Dave Thier Contributor

(May 25) -- Triumph quickly turned to embarrassment for a group of police officers last week after what they thought was a major drug bust wound up amounting to a routine weeding operation.

Late Thursday night, KRIS-TV reports, police in Corpus Christi, Texas, received a call from a teenager who thought he had seen hundreds of pot plants while biking through a city park. Officers arrived on the scene believing they were dealing with a not-so-secret marijuana farm.

They spent about an hour pulling up, bagging and tagging around 400 plants. But when they took their haul back to the station, tests revealed that it was a common weed called horsemint.

Horsemint bears very little aesthetic similarity to marijuana and lacks the drug's distinctive odor.

Mike Hughes of marijuana enthusiast magazine High Times suspects police were so excited about the fact they were making a major drug bust that they forgot to check to see if the plants were actually drugs.

"Hysteria and ignorance have long been staples of the war on drugs. However, Corpus Christi police remind us that flat out buffoonery has its place as well," he wrote.

The officers' effort wasn't entirely in vain, however: Since horsemint has a tendency to spread quickly, the cops at least helped spare the park from a troublesome invader.

The estimated street value of the horsemint is $0.