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Originally Posted by JEVLACH View Post
For all of you 'Lost' fans, this article is from NY Post online and thought it was pretty funny:

Hell, I'm Lost

By Joanna P. DelBuono
“I’m dead, too?” Jack asks at the end of Lost. OMG, what tripe. From the pens of Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams this is the best they could come up with? After six seasons of black smoke monsters, others, a crazy French woman, bite your nails off cliffhangers and polar bears in the Pacific, all Lindelof and Abrams can come up with is “I’m dead, too?”

Let me get this straight, for the past six seasons they’ve all been dead, but had to wait for Jack to remember that he was dead so they could all be together? And Benjamin, Mister Meanie himself, had some issues to deal with so he was staying, staying where, outside of the church, in the alternate world, at the island? Where oh where did he stay and where oh where did they die? IDK.

Okay, okay, they’re all dead, I get it, but did they die initially in the plane crash, did they die at different times on the island, did they really get saved and then go back to the island, but then died, or did they wait for Jack to die before they could die and did Lock really die at the end? Was he faking it laying on those rocks? Did Jack’s surgery really cure his spinal injury, or was that just my imagination? I’M SO LOST.
Why where they in the church, wasn’t that building the portal to get back to the Island, was there going to be a group funeral mass for the Oceanic 11? Why wasn’t the entire cast there and why was it a different brother? And finally where did the dog come from?

I stayed up till 11:30 pm waiting for a really boffo ending and all I got was a GPS full of dead ends.

Not for nuthin’™ Damon and J.J., but fading to black would have been better, then there would have been a reunion option. Cue “Don’t Stop Believin’!”

Obviously, this writer didn't understand LOST. Real brief; EVERYTHING that happenmed on the island was REAL. it happened, AND, they were all alive on the island...UNLESS they happened to die, for instance, Mr.Echo...died on the island. Boone, died on the island, Shannon, Anna Lucia, Libby, etc., all died on island.

When they were rescued, they were REALLY rescued. Time travel, all real. Desmond was the key, he was special. In season four, when he "mind" time traveled, he also went to the "alternate universe", the place they all made for themselves when they died, to wait for each other before "moving on".

When Widmore returns to the island to attempt to stop smokie from leaving, and puts Desmond through that electro magnetic experiment, to see if he can tolerate those high levels of eletromagnetic energy so he can fight/destroy smokie, Desmond travels (again, in mind/soul) to the alt. reality, the place where the Losties there are already dead and waiting for the rest to move on.

He isn't immediately aware of this, but, by the end of the episode, when he returns to the island (his conciseness) he is fully aware, which, happened with the help of Charlie (Charlie wasn't aware that he was helping Desmond, because he didn't know that he himself was dead) when he met/touched Penny, his only true love (remember he is directed to her with Daniel Whidmore/Faraday's help...after their little talk on the bench, when Daniel somehow recalls detonating a hydrogen bomb) and he passes out for a split second. This was all of his past/present/future/live/dead memories/realties hitting him at once.

So...jump ahead to the final episode. Desmond has already begun gathering the group together in the alternate universe, or, what the writers/creators called the "flash sideways." We had Flash-Backs in the first three seasons. Then Flash Forward with Flash Backs in season four, just Flash Forwards in season five, coupled with time travel & different time periods, and, season six have all been Flash side ways. The Alternate Universe, or, Purgatory, whatever you like to call it.

On the island, Jacob was dead, still helping to guide the final candidates. As we saw, Jack choose to be the "one". He vowed to protect the island, and destroy/kill man In Black, NotLocke, Smokie, whatever. As you all saw, Jack succeeds, with Desmond's help. When Desmond steps into the pool of water with the light (Exotic matter, anyone? This is what Dr.Pierre Chang said it was) and pulls the stone plug...or cork (Remember the ep. with Jacob explaining WHAT MIB was and the function of the island to keep him there. He used a bottle of wine & the cork to get his point across...ties in nicly to this scene) the light goes out, the island begins to sink into the sea, and more importantly, the Smoke Monster becomes mortal, trapped in the form of John Locke, Jack also becomes mortal again.....BUT, now Jack is able to kill the Smoke Monster.

We see the two in a fight to the death, Smokie knifes Jack, Kate shoots Smokie (Finally...she does something right!) and Jack kicks him over the cliffery similar to how Smokie kicked Jacob, his brother, into the fire as Jacob was dying from the fatal knife wounds inflicted by Ben.

So, now, Jack must put the plug/cork back from where Desmond removed it. Meanwhile, over on Hydra Island, Lapedis, Richard & Miles are in the final stages of repairing the Ajira passenger plane to escape the island. Time is short. Kate & Sawyer take Lockes boat, haul azz to Hydra, grab Claire & board the plane just in the nic of time.

Jack, Hurley & Ben go back to the water cave of light, Jack transfers his special powers given to him by Jacob to Hurley. jack is lowered into the cavern. He finds Desmond, ties Desmond onto the rope for Hurley & Ben to haul back up & out. Jack, mortally wounded, manages to put the plug back into the hole and the light cycles back on, the water begins to flow again & Jack wakes up in the same spot that Jacob found his brothers dead body in AFTER Jacob threw him down the hole into the light. Which, BTW, is HOW he became the Smoke Monster.

Jack staggers back through the bamboo forest, just like in the pilot episode in season one, except this time he lays down (in the same spot he woke up after the crash of Oceanic 815). Vincent runs out of the woods & lays down beside Jack to comfort Jack in his final moments. As Jack lay there, dying, he is becoming aware of everything in the alt. universe, remembering (Jack was in denial) everything from his island life with Christian's help.

As Jack accepts he is dead, comes to terms & peace with the fact, we see him laying there, his final vision is that of his friends flying away in the Ajira plane. His eyes close, he is dead, his job complete on the island. BTW, notice the dirty sneaker hanging from the lace in the bamboo forest. Same sneaker from pilot episode. It was brand new/clean then. This final scene simply verifies the time that passed, and that everything WAS indeed REAL on the island.

I hope this helps clear it up for anyone that may have been confused. I am including a few screen caps from the last scene where Jack lays down to die. I re-watched it again last night. It went up in my rating from an 8.5 to a REALLY was a beautiful, emotional, very fitting end.

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