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Default Monitoring Home Electrical Usage

There was a thread a while back about different ways of monitoring power consumption. It got me interested and I bought the hardware/software and got it installed yesterday.

The unit I bought is called the TED 5000 and can upload the data to Google to provide unlimited historical data if you want to compare month-to-month or year-to-year.

It also has a small, portable digital display (size of an ipod touch) so data can be monitored without being at the computer. All system communication is done via powerline carrier technology.

It allows you to enter all of the billing info from the utility - rate, tiers, taxes, etc. so you can monitor current & projected costs. This will allow a user to verify correct billing from the utility

I have 3 Circuit Breaker Panels - 2 main panels and 1 generator panel that are denoted as MTU 1, MTU 2, and MTU 3 on the following screenshots. Data from the gen panel is only available when the gen is running.

It also allows you to monitor key loads so you can modify usage and decrease consumption. I am monitoring my 2 HVAC systems.

If you are a gadget freak, this is pretty neat. Here are some (crude) screenshots

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