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Originally Posted by TimW Texas View Post
Ya it was good we where sitting on the edge. until the Jack-father thing. I wanted a little bit better clarification of the whole thing. It still left me LOST and Ben to he did not go in.

I have to re-watch it, but have a pretty good idea/opinion as to whats what. Ben realized that he was dead. He remembered everything about his life on the island. He was truly a changed man, a good man, in the end. He was truly sorry for hurting & ultimately murdering Locke (that was when Locke REALLY died...) and everybody else (Remember how manipulating he many people he murdered or hurt directly and indirectly

He wasn't ready to "move on" to what awaited him next.

Ben still had "issues" to resolve & come to terms with. That's why he choose to stay behind. Eventually, he will be ready & when he is, he will go. I guess that alternate reality is something like purgatory...exactly where the writers said they weren't... which is a half truth, I guess.

When on the island, they were all alive, except Christian Shepard. Yeah, definitely have to re-watch "THE END".