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Originally Posted by Mr. Demeanor View Post
I enjoyed it.
So the people that left on the plane, they were not dead?

They died MUCH later on, at some other point in time, as did many others. For instance, Hurley & Ben ran the Island (Like Jacob & Richard, but with new & better rules) and dies at a different time period, but, were dead when they met up in the "alternate universe".

I really enjoyed the ride, and I feel it was a great way to end, although, when you think about it, they answered almost none of the island mysteries/questions/issues as opposed to how they resolved the alternate universe questions/mysteries/issues.

That was a bit bothersome, I (and many "OTHERS" wanted at least the majority of the island issues resolved/answered. Anyway, this way, the theories, speculation, debates, etc. shall go on for a long, long, long time. The End.
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