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Default Fiberglass fountain repair suggestions.

Below are pictures of a pretty expensive fountain that has some cracks and leaks. The area you see is caulk from a crack that was about 5" long and 3/8" wide that I filled with clear caulk.

I am not sure how this happened, could be from water that got in it this spring and then froze and cracked the fiberglass. When I took it out of the garage this spring it fell off of my 2 wheel cart onto the concrete so it could have happened from that too. There are a bunch of cracks all around the area I caulked. The 3rd picture is a close up but it's hard to see all of the little cracks.

Last year there was a small crack that I sprayed rubberized car undercoating on and it stopped the leak. I think the area around where the caulk has some cracks that are to large to seal with that stuff. If I can't find anything else I will likely try that stuff again.

I do have access to the interior from a 5" x 5" access hole in the back. Because of the irregularity of the fiberglass I don't see how I could use fiberglass cloth and resin. I would not have enough access to do that from the inside and I doubt if it would conform enough to the fiberglass to fill it completely.

I'm thinking some kind of a spray product would work like a spray epoxy that is made to fill cracks and leaks but I haven't been able to find anything.

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