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Mike Boehler
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I agree with everything everyone says, but plumbers are hard to find here. The closest plumbing wholesaler is an hour away. I can't get most guys to even call me back. I'm sure I'm singing the same song that many hear.

Dad is in the middle of Chemo and Radiation so mobility is limited right now. Not to mention the hassle of contractors in the house when he's dealing with his mental state of what he's going through.

Another problem is that I'm out of state or out of county Monday through Thursday or Friday and the whole family is on a rotation to take him to the hospital. I just thought these guys were tailor made for the occasion.

If I could find a guy that would do a good job at 5K I would hire him tomorrow, its less about the money right now then it is about logistics. Anyone with aging family can probably hear where I'm coming from.

Thank God we have a good family.
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