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I used them twice, once for my mother in law and once on an investment property I own. In my mother in laws case, she has a very small/odd tub and wanted to keep it, why I don't know but I went along as it was her dime and I didn't want to upset things. The job was done well but the cost was on the high side for sure about 6K if I remember correctly. They did however do all the walls up to a height of 4 ft. in the bathroom also. I asked them who their sub contractor was and checked them out with the BBB and they came up with a great record.

On my investment property I had a standard size tub installed over the old one, all the walls and a bit of extra plumbing work done in the kitchen. They came back with a price of $6,600. I got them down to $5,800 and was happy with the job.

In my area of Northern NJ I got prices for GC at around 10 K for a new bath etc...

As for the lifetime guarantee thing, that is for workmanship and other things. They give you a list of cleaners you can and can't use our it will negate the contract as far as shine/luster goes.

All in all it was fine for my purposes but you may be able to get a better deal as your just adding a shower and not fitting a tub.

The rep of the sub contractor is a key element though. Good luck. I’d never take their first price.
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