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Hey Mike- My mother and father in law were dealing with the same thing. We had Bathfitter quote over $5K to do exactly what you need to do. Bathfitter in our area don't have a great reputation so my mother in law actually called the BBB and had two contractors come over to quote the bathroom remodel. Ended up getting it done for less than half the cost ($2300) by a reputable contractor. It took 2 guys a day and half to do everything and they did a super job. My mother in law actually called the contractor because the hand shower line wasn't long enough and they came out and replaced it for no charge.

The greatest thing Mike....I didn't have to do it and be under my father-in-laws scrutiny to nitpic the hell out of everything I did. The other thing that was great is that they picked the contractor so if things didn't work out, no blow back on me.

I did check their work both days, but my father-in-law grilled them mercilessly. The one guy I talked to asked me to go outside to talk and I wondered why, it was because he didn't want my father-in-law to know he spoke english he bugged them so much!

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