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Default Bathfitter? Horror Stories Anyone?

My Mom and Dad need a Tub to Shower conversion because of age and health reasons.

DIY is not an option.

I contacted Bathfitter and had our sales call today. They propose to:
  1. Rip out old Two Piece Fiberglass tub
  2. Dispose of Tub Off Premises
  3. Install 5' x 7' x 32" shower with fiberglass walls
  4. Install Century Glass sliding doors
  5. Install Two 24" Grab Rails lagged to 5/8" CDX plywood that they install behind shower surround
  6. Install seat
  7. Install Delta Single Post Lever
  8. Install Standard Shower Head
  9. Install Two soap and shampoo soap holders
  10. Lifetime Warranty (not sure what this means, I haven't read it yet)
Price= $4900.00

I know it sounds high, but the choices are
  • Pay the $4900
  • Hire a local contractor
  • Mom or Dad break a hip falling into tub
The local contractor situation around here is horrible. The finest plumbers in our area think that professionalism means not tossing their used Budweiser cans on my lawn. I live in a very rural area and plumbing contractor is more of a wish than a career.

The good thing about bathfitter is that they are done in one day. My Dad gets very nervous when things are not part of his routine and I worry about him if we hire a local guy that takes a week. I worry about the local guy that has to deal with dad as well.

I don't know if I have any choices? Looks like the $4900 may be the ticket even if its a little high.

I did a search on this site and back in 2005 someone got a quote from Bathfitter for $4400 for similar job and everyone thought he was nuts.

I appreciate any thoughts.

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