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Originally Posted by 08087 View Post

No offense taken in the least, I agree with you 100%. My problem is where I work we often have to pull 16 hr. shifts and at times it can be hard to keep up with a home life, pay bills communicate with realtor, lawyer accountant etc when you have to do unexpected O/T 3 days in a row.

I like to log on during my lunch break as a way to unwind after checking on how the day went at home and so on.

So no offense.
you've got a tough job! This is why "one size fits all" policies don't work very well but are common with big employers.

How about a Verizon Mifi with a laptop or netbook? I have both and I can connect anywhere there is a Verizon signal. This way you can do your breaks wherever you want, don't have to be in front of your terminal that your in front of 16 hours a day anyway. Parking lot, park bench etc...
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