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Originally Posted by tprice View Post
I did not know this but you do not want to shut them down for extended periods of time, we did this one summer and had to have some lines replaced. Pool guy told me that if the water is not in the lines all the time they dry out and get brittle.
That's good stuff to know, thanks. Although I wasn't figuring on draining the water, just shutting it off and putting a couple of sheets of plywood over top w/ blocks holding them down until the Styrofoam dries out.

He also told me with the old covers to pick some hot days and just lay the cover in the yard upside down and to do this several times a year to dry it out.
I know, I've heard a few say the same thing. But here's my thinking. How can the Styrofoam dry out quickly if it is wrapped in plastic with only a small handful of 3/16th size holes in the plastic? I don't know, I could be wrong. ?

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