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Originally Posted by Garett View Post
This summer I'm thinking of shutting down my tub so I can pull the Styrofoam out of the cover, strip down the plastic cover and let the moisture built up in the Styrofoam evaporate.
Originally Posted by NJFISH View Post
I was just looking at replacement covers but your idea might just work...
My old one was weighing a ton as well, it had become a two person operation.

Well here's what I know. My old cover when I took it off I put it behind the garden shed, it sat there for little over a year before I got around to doing something with it...I wanted the vinyl off of it so I could make a matching padded bench.

Either way I wasn't interested at the time in the Styrofoam so I broke it in half so it was very easy to remove from the cover. Well as things would work out I decided to keep a piece of that water logged Styrofoam, dry it out and use it for insulation for an attic hatch in the shop. I was surprised at how long it took for that Styrofoam to completely dry out....months. Mind you where I stored it in the shop (upright on edge) that area was not overly heated.....I generally kept it about 45 - 50 (winter time). How long would it take to dry out a piece of saturated Styrofoam in the summer with a breeze/ wind blowing over it? I don't know, but my intension is not to let the Styrofoam get that saturated to find out. Beside after I dry it out the first time I fully intend to seal those two sheets of Styrofoam up so nothing penetrates it until the plastic starts to deteriorate.

Oh Jeff, that half sheet of mine, now is back to being as light as , well, Styrofoam.