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Originally Posted by tprice View Post
I got fed up with those covers, I was buying one every 2-4 years and they all seemed to get water logged and the metal hinge where they fold back always seemed to get damaged and caused them to get water logged

Several years ago I went with a Spa Cap. and so far so good.
Wow, isn't that interesting. How do you figure it would take a snow load? Didn't you guys get dumped on this past winter?

Up here our two top hot tubs are Artic Spa & Beachcomber, we've got a Beachcomber. Either way both Artic Spa & Beachcomber do not have metal hinges, theirs just fold via fabric....seems to stand up very well.

The problem I see is the under side of the cover has little holes punched through the vinyl AND the same size little holes punched into the plastic that wraps the Styrofoam. These holes are the size of a paper hole punch holes. Because both protective materials have holes in them there is no way on earth moisture saturation canít happen. I think the manufacture puts them in so we have to buy new caps every couple of years.