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Originally Posted by Garett View Post
This summer I'm thinking of shutting down my tub so I can pull the Styrofoam out of the cover, strip down the plastic cover and let the moisture built up in the Styrofoam evaporate.

I did not know this but you do not want to shut them down for extended periods of time, we did this one summer and had to have some lines replaced. Pool guy told me that if the water is not in the lines all the time they dry out and get brittle.

He also told me with the old covers to pick some hot days and just lay the cover in the yard upside down and to do this several times a year to dry it out.

Trust me with the spacap you have no more problems, only thing is that they are not as easy to flip back as the standard covers, not heavy just do not fold back quite as easy.

I think our other standard covers both were damaged when the kids would go out and flip them open and them push them back and they dropped to the floor and this bent the support in the middle
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