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Just as t500 said, you can get accustomed to towing, and launching/loading, just about anything, within reason, if the rig is set up right and in compliance with the law. Although my rig (f350 crew cab std bed + 31 EW) is not considered big by some, it is big to me, especially when I first started using it.

Towing it posed some issues I did not anticipate. The first problem was availablity of ramps suitable to load a boat with it's length and draft. Second, the ramp parking had to be arranged so that you could park an empty rig of that length without inconveniencing other boaters and/or hording parking spaces. Lastly, locating suitable ramps that were accessible by roadways with enough width and overhead clearance became an issue.

During my first season (for which I was ill prepared), I had to abort a few trips because of insufficient ramp length/depth, or an inability to get to the ramps because of road clearance issues. I ended up taking out several tree limbs and one cable vision line with my radar. That Fall I made up a measuring pole from an old outrigger, and went on a weekend roadtrip with my family measuring ramp depths, lengths, and the height of overhead obstructions. Now I know exactly where I can and cannot go with the rig.

In short, if money is not a limiting factor, just let the roads you use, the area you fish and the ramps you use help dictate what size boat you choose to trailer. That is, of course, assuming you have or are willing to purchase a suitable tow vehicle as well.