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Originally Posted by Garett View Post
At the Banff Springs Hotel (Alberta, Canada) if I recall properly they either kept their hot tub at 107 or 109 (in the spa area)......either way man was that HOT! But it wasn't hot at all after you got out of the moist sauna at 117, the hot tub was actually quite refreshing.

This summer I'm thinking of shutting down my tub so I can pull the Styrofoam out of the cover, strip down the plastic cover and let the moisture built up in the Styrofoam evaporate. The cover is not heavy yet, but it is heavier then when it was new. I replaced the cover the year after we moved in ($550), I'm hoping to ward off that expense because the cover starts to sag from the weight of all that moisture.
I went to the local hardware store and bought a section of 4 inch pvc pipe to hold up the cover-"tent like" just a few inches more than the gunwale of your tub should work. Mine still seals on the sides and bales water off of it.
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