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Originally Posted by Garett View Post

This summer I'm thinking of shutting down my tub so I can pull the Styrofoam out of the cover, strip down the plastic cover and let the moisture built up in the Styrofoam evaporate. The cover is not heavy yet, but it is heavier then when it was new. I replaced the cover the year after we moved in ($550), I'm hoping to ward off that expense because the cover starts to sag from the weight of all that moisture.
I got fed up with those covers, I was buying one every 2-4 years and they all seemed to get water logged and the metal hinge where they fold back always seemed to get damaged and caused them to get water logged

Several years ago I went with a Spa Cap. and so far so good.

We have had the SpaCap for 4-5 yrs and it has had one small leak around the port where you inflate it but I sealed it with a sealer for waders and it was worked fine.

If I had my hot tub flush mounted with a deck I would go with one of the hard covers but if it is not a flush mount I would think those would be a PITA