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Default Towing large boats

How many of you tow large boats? If so what do you tow and what are you towing it with? Right now I'm towing a 24 foot walk around cabin and while is not hard, its not the easiest thing either. The boats in the slip, but when I make trips to a favorite vacation spot or the offshore grounds, I put it on the trailer and tow, saving 60-80 miles each way. This saves a bundle on gas, makes for easier planning with the weather, less wear and tear on me and the boat.
My issue is that I want to go bigger, but I don't want to lose the ability to tow. Is a 28 foot walk around cabin too big? too much of a hassle to put on a trailer to save 60-80 miles each way? Should I be looking at center consoles, are they easier because of less beam?

Your thoughts, input and experiences are appreciated, thanks.