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No sense in not buying BP fuel anymore. You should support the small business owners in this case, because most of the BP stations i've been in are privately owned by one individual that runs the show. You are just supporting another major business if you buy from someone else. For example all the "On The Runs" etc are all owned by one guy, you know how rich this one individual is already? I knew the lady that owned 10 Keith Co's and I assure you she was worth more than 30 million. Also when service stations buy their fuel, they typically buy it from the closest refinery. In Pascagoula the closest refinery is Chevron refinery, so it is Chevron that is making your fuel, not BP. The only thing thats different within the fuels is the additives the refinery places in them. And again wasn't it another company doing the actual drilling?? BP just hired them......