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Originally Posted by surrender View Post
Let me get this straight, you bought an extended service plan for a $149 camera, from target? Consider yourself lucky they are giving you that. Dont you know extended warranties are usually not worth the paper they are written on?
yes thats right...& no ididn't know the "warranties" were usually useless. I always figured the warranties were there for peace of mind after buying an expensive unit and then, usually, right after the extended warranty expired is when the unit broke.......if it broke.

maybe I should be more clear here....this is my first video camera and second ever digital camera, my first digital camera was expensive, low pixel ratio bought in '03 crappy near useless display but decent pictures.......it still works today....just eats AA's like crazy. So, I really thought this thing would last....I'm definately reconsidering even replacing with another camcorder.....I think I can do as much recording with a dig. camera.
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