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Originally Posted by srx View Post
That's exactly what i thought it was because its a new winch strap.
how do you "tighten it" to be sure its safe?
The problem comes from the part of the cable that is still on the drum when the hook is let out all the way to the boat, as this never sees a load and stays fluffy. Bumps on the road cause the outer cable to "dig in" to the fluffy part and cause slack. I cut my cable so that when the cable is let out all the way to the boat, there is just enough cable left on the drum to insure it doesn't slip. Before that, I used to pull my winch cable out all the way but towards the front of the trailer, then hook it on my lawn tractor (for resistance) and winch it back in under load to lay it on the drum tight. To keep it tight, hook the winch cable on something and tension it when the boat is off the trailer.