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Originally Posted by Just1more View Post
$176.00 for a camcorder? You certainly got what you paid for.
I have an Olympus camera that doesn't recognize the card after I've downloaded the pics. It takes a while of taking it out and re-inserting it for it to work.
no, Canons MSRP was 399, targets retail was 299, I found it on clearance for 149....the lady said if she couldn't find all the accessories she would take another 20% off....she found all the acc.'s and I asked if I could still have the xtra 20% off and she said sure! So, ~120 + 20 for the ESP.....

so yes all things considered i can at least replace it with something....most likely not a video camera.

Target has a JVC for 270 - my 120 +$150 cash extra again not bad considering the jvc does have a 8 gb hd
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