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Originally Posted by 29 NORTH View Post
I hate to say it, but all electronics or most are throwaway, more expensive to repair than to give your money back or at least a portion of it. Even if they did repair it, something else would go wrong with it. A cheap extended warranty on some things actually is a good thing as to consider especially if the item is use most of the time in harms way.
u see thats the kicker....I really didn't use it much. one long video ~30 minutes of a neighbors huge model train, which my son loved!!!! A few short videos here & pics here and there and I took it out on the boat once, cushioned and double baggied!!! I used it a lot that day I have a few videos up on FB of that day. I didn't go fast and there was no pounding or spray that day! So, wth did it just decide to start giving me problems, idk?!?
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