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Originally Posted by fishinmaniac View Post
If I am towing locally > 5-10 miles then just regular winch strap and safety chain on the bow. If I am towing long distance or over my comfort zone then I put a 2'' ratchet strap from the bow eye to the trailer tongue and a strap about 3 - 4 ft forward of the stern going over the boat to the trailer frame.
I watched a guy drop a 27 Contender onto the road at Wrightsville Beach because he did not attach the transom straps. He hit the curb while turning onto the main road, and the boat "bounced" off the back. His explanation to the cops was "I was only going a couple of miles from the ramp to my house".......... Perhaps guide poles on the trailer would have helped this one, but bottom line, it does not matter the distance you travel if you make a mistake.....