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Default Targets extended service plan can suck it!!!!

So, I bought this flash drive camcorder in 2/2009, great camera, I loved it! Then october of this year is was giving me problems reading the card....finally get it too work for my sons halloween carnival...that was the last time it worked.....keeps saying no card when there is a card inserted. I tried 3 different cards and the same thing.

I moved and couldn't find the paperwork till this weekend...btw, they said they wouldn't honor it unless I had the paperwork. Anyway, I call today explain the problem and they are so apologetic....then say they'll send out a gift card for the amount I paid. I said I want the camera fixed and they say they won't fix it and that the GC is within the term of the agreement.
I checked the agreement and it does say that they will try to fix it first...but I like my camcorder and most certainly cannot find another for what I paid.

I went to Canons website and without even knowing what the problem is I get an automated quote of $176.00 to repair~$55 more than I paid.....it sounds like there is a well known problem with these cameras FS100's maybe the whole FS series, who knows.

on a positive note....at least I get my monney back!
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