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I truly understand the pain she must be feeling. For several years I struggled with low back pain which also created leg pain to the point that I was miserable at times. I went to a great chiro for years and would feel better for a day or two then the pain would come back over and over. For months my internal physician sent me to theraphy which would also help for a couple of days until that final day in November 05 when I could barely pickup my feet to walk. The thought of surgery was frightening in that one of my best friends had previously had back surgery 5 times and was still in pain. Finally in December 05 I entered the hospital in crucial pain and left two days later feeling like a new person.
The neurosurgen had done for me what no pain mediction or theraphy could possibly do.
Since that time I've never regreted my decission to undergo surgery for the herniated disc.
Occassionaly I will have minor pain in the area and will go in and have accupunture for twenty minutes and the pain is gone in seconds. I would never suffer back pain to this extent again knowing what I know now.