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I went through similar experience about 25 years ago. Hip and leg pain. Leg and foot numbness sometime causing limp or difficulty walking. Took close to a year to get a diagnosis from a neurologist who also performed surgery. Prior to seeing him I was willing to do anything to stop the pain and not take medication.
We discussed the possibility of surgery, my expectations, lifestyle and type of work I did. He told me there's no guaranties, might not be able to lift heavy items and suggested looking into a supervisor/management position post surgery. Figured as bad as it was now at least I can function with the pain and didn't want to risk a worse outcome. Walked for at least an hour every day and after about 18 months was able to stop taking Motrin for the pain.
The surgery and outcome has improved substantially since 1985 but still not something to rush into unless the condition becomes chronic IMO.