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I went through the same thing with the L5 exruciating sciatic nerve pain on the right side. I went through chiro,the stretching machine, pain management, chortizone shots,messages and took oxycodone like they were tic tacs even mixed with alchohol and nada.
I went in for surgery 2 days in the hospital the surgery was done by a nureosurgeon and it was like someone turned the fricken light switch off. Absoulutely a life changer for me. I went in the day of surgery had it done got up the next morning and gone the pain was frickin gone. I thought I had ghost pain but nothing.
I know everyone is different but for me it was a total game changer. Plus i head a great doctor great bed side manner. The hospital in stuart was fantastic clean even had a view of the river. the nursing staff was excellent.
It was one of those deals that you get a few times in your life where your expectations were not only met but far exceded anything in my wildest dreams!!!

Don't screw around get a really good neurosurgeon. Do not use any other kind of doctor.