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My back would go out from time to time, tighten up and make me walk all funny and hurt. But one time I felt something just give way and the pain was bad. I had shots in my back, chiro, you name it. Got the MRI, blew out L5/S1 and went right to Beth Isreal Spine Institue in NYC. It got to the point that I could not drive without such severe pain down my right leg. My foot always felt like it had pins and needles and got to the point my calf muscle on my right leg started to atrophy. The nerves going down to my leg stopped working, I could not stand on my tip-toe and started to walk with a limp. Got in for surgery, cut me open, stiched me up and the pain went away. I am not 100% and am still very careful but it was the best thing I could of done