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Originally Posted by Mr. Paul View Post
When I looked at payback vs price I went with Ntl Gas. The $1500 to $2000 more you are going to have a payback that might not last the life span of the heater. 150,000 btus will be huge for that pool. !5x30 with no deep end maybe 15,000 gallons.
I forget the specifcs now, but I thought the ROI for me, based on average usage, was about three years. It also has the advantage of setting at a certain temp and it will hold it right at that temp, usually within one degree. If I want to limit the amount of energy I spend on heating, I can just limit the number of hours it runs or the temp, whichever makes more sense.

Obviously the more you use it, the quicker the ROI, but if you barely use it, the ROI may be ten years, in which case it doesn't make much sense. Also, the frequency of pool use is a big factor. If you only use the pool on the weekends, and fire up the heater on Saturday and let the pool cool back down on Sunday, I'd lean towards a natural gas heater. If your wife works from home and the kid goes in the pool every day, and you decide to maintain a constant temp, then the heat pump really shines.

My neighbor will burn through $300 of propane in a weekend, so she seldom uses the heater. If it was natural gas, it would be maybe $200.