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Default Wine storage question

I have 4 bottles of wine at my office that I have had for about 15-20 yrs, it is actually Falcon Crest wine(from the old tv show) and I did a guys taxes that was a wine sales rep and he gave us several bottles of it MANY YEARS ago.

I have two on a fireplace mantle in my office where I have a small collection of some of the NASCAR/Colleges "collectible" or novelty bottles that I have acquired over the years. I am not a collector but just bought some of these and some of my clients have given me some over the years.

The wine have been sitting upright since I was given them and in talking with person one day she told me that the wine is probably bad now since wine is supposed to be stored for extended periods on it's side so it will keep the cork moist other wise through evaporation the alcohol will evaporate and it will pretty much be vinegar

Is this true, really never thought of drinking one of these bottles of wine but Admiral does enjoy wine and thought I may take a bottle home and we try it one day

Anyway to tell if it is good other than tasting it

The bottles do have a sealed cap over the cork if that makes any difference;?