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Originally Posted by Mike Boehler View Post
This is why decided to NEVER send an email, pay a bill online, do banking online, have a wireless router at my house, and I"ll NEVER EVER NEVER have an internet connection that can be spywared.

I may get rid of my wireless telephone and the cell is history since the signal can be picked up by a radio head with a scanner and tin foil hat.

Come to think of it, I'm getting rid of my company EZ Pass modules,

I gotta tell you, sending out a 1000 estimates a year is giving me serious hand cramps, and thank god for self sticking stamps!

No wonder my wife thinks I'm a wise ass.

I've got an idea just for you Mike...

I have this friend who is selling a cabin on a remote island on a huge lake in the Canadian wilderness. Get yourself a nice Honda generator and a few thousand gallons of gas, and you wouldn't have to have any contact with the outside world.

Let's see the hackers try to hijack your signals from that remote location!!!

(Come to think of it--it doesn't sound half bad, actually...)

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