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Originally Posted by A Few Dollars View Post
I always thought Facebook was a bad idea.

Facebook is now sharing your personal profile information with third parties. For now, it's just a few web sites, like the music site Pandora, and the consumer review site, Yelp. Facebook is automatically sharing that information, without your consent. If you don't want to share, you have to opt out.
University of Minnesota law professor and privacy expert Bill McGevern says it's an important line in the sand. And for Facebook, with 600 million users, the stakes are high.
“Facebook is trying over and over to get this shared so Facebook becomes the center of the web,” said McGevern.
Facebook wants to make money by selling user information.

This is why decided to NEVER send an email, pay a bill online, do banking online, have a wireless router at my house, and I"ll NEVER EVER NEVER have an internet connection that can be spywared.

I may get rid of my wireless telephone and the cell is history since the signal can be picked up by a radio head with a scanner and tin foil hat.

Come to think of it, I'm getting rid of my company EZ Pass modules,

I gotta tell you, sending out a 1000 estimates a year is giving me serious hand cramps, and thank god for self sticking stamps!

No wonder my wife thinks I'm a wise ass.
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