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Originally Posted by Dhuwest View Post
I think this is what I have been asking the Suzuki and Lowrance dealer here in Perth/Australia that are about to fit my new DF175.
I have a HDS7M and was told I need to fit a LMF-400 or LMF200 with the EP-60R to get fuel management,but if I have read this right a couple of you guys have the EP-60R working direct with your HDS units via your NMEA network.
So please be kind but from what some of you guys have done is just used the EP-60R into your NMEA network and the HDS has read it, is that right.
I'm asking this like a knob because after a phone call to Lowrance Australia and Suzuki they have told me I have to wait for Suzuki to bring out there new cable in a few weeks because there is NO other way to have fuel managment other than buying there gauges being it Suzuki or Lowrance.
No need for the gauges (LMF-400/LMF-200) unless you want dedicated gauges to look at. With the EP-60R you will be able to see fuel flow and use the fuel management features of the HDS.

You might not even need the EP-60R once the new Suzuki cable comes out? From the looks of their discontinued cable it supplied the same data the EP-60R does.

Here is the HDS7 user guide, it clearly shows the fuel data: