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Originally Posted by racedad70 View Post
Hmm! That is really strange. If its showing the device you should be able to adjust its parameters.;?

Maybe the board member tcm will chime in on this one. Im curiouse myself now.

I was reading in the manual that if you have a fluid level sensor, there was a parameter in the fuel flow that could not be adjusted. Im wondering if because its reading your fuel level sensor from your command link it has diabled that calibration fuction.

I assume this is what has happened. I will find it in my manual when I get home and let you know. I know the 10 is different than the 7's but same principle.

Here is what was in the manual: Not sure if this pertains to your situation.
If you configure your fluid level for fuel, you will NOT be able to
get a fuel range reading. Fuel Range will NOT be calculated
with a fluid level sensor. It will only be calculated with an
engine interface, EP-10 Fuel Flow or EP-50 Storage Device.
Spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Lowrance today, they really don't have an answer. Unless you can get someone technical and willing to explore the real problem on the phone, it will never be resolved. I really think it's a problem with how they have the fuel mgmt screen set up (Since the fuel flow data shows up in the Info screens). The HDS-10 wants to "calibrate" it as if it's a fuel flow sensor, but it cannot be calibrated since it's data coming from the Yamaha engine.....not a sensor. You need to be able to use the fuel flow data without being forced to calibrate, then it would work. Guess I'll keep trying to resolve this via Tech Support. Wish I knew a tech on the inside that would be willing to help!