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Hmm! That is really strange. If its showing the device you should be able to adjust its parameters.;?

Maybe the board member tcm will chime in on this one. Im curiouse myself now.

I was reading in the manual that if you have a fluid level sensor, there was a parameter in the fuel flow that could not be adjusted. Im wondering if because its reading your fuel level sensor from your command link it has diabled that calibration fuction.

I assume this is what has happened. I will find it in my manual when I get home and let you know. I know the 10 is different than the 7's but same principle.

Here is what was in the manual: Not sure if this pertains to your situation.
If you configure your fluid level for fuel, you will NOT be able to
get a fuel range reading. Fuel Range will NOT be calculated
with a fluid level sensor. It will only be calculated with an
engine interface, EP-10 Fuel Flow or EP-50 Storage Device.

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