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Originally Posted by racedad70 View Post
OK, I am new to this as well. I just went through this myself.

First off, Do you have a fuel flow meter(EP60r) Lowrance model tied into your NMEA 2000 network? If not that is your problem, it has to have one to read fuel flow.
I have read somewhere on here that the Lowrance will not see the Yamaha flow device. You will need the lowrance fuel flow device.

I bought a LMF 200, ep60r fuel flow meter and two HDS 7's and hooked it all up over the week end and found I did not even need the LMF 200, because once the fuel flow is tied into the network the HDS units picks it up and will allow you to set your parameters.
Hope this helped. Contact a board member by the name"tcm" here and he is very knowledgable on these units.
I do not have the EP60R but I do have my Yamaha engine tied in via NMEA2000 and it DOES show fuel flow on the info screens. It would make no sense to me to have to have a Lowrance sensor when the whole idea of NMEA is to SHARE data, but I am starting to suspect you are Lowrance fuel fuel flow data, which is very disappointing for a 2K+ unit.

This is looking at the device data from the Yamaha. You can see it is being reported as Fuel Rate and the value is fine (.53 gal/hr).

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