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Lightbulb Looking for Lowrance StructureScan recordings

Hey, folks;

I'm an owner of an older lowrance fish finder and soon to be owner of a Lowrance LSS-1 (at least in a couple months). But I have some free time now, and I'm working on developing a viewer and file translator computer program for the Lowrance.

Basically I want to write a program that will change the Lowrance's SL2 format into a more open commercial format like Triton XTF.

I've got a program working (almost ready for release) that translates the older fishfinder recordings from my old LMS-480 to another format.

But I want to make the program work for the newer Lowrance files, especially the LSS-1 file formats.

To do this, I need example files to work with - recordings made by someone with the LSS-1 unit installed, who can send me the files. I can't make my own since I don't have the LSS-1 yet, and if I wait until I get one it'll be warm enough to go boating and I won't have much time to work inside on this

So I'm looking for someone who is willing to send me (in e-mail) recordings from their LSS-1 unit... I'd like several files if possible:

* A basic depthfinder type recording
* A recording with side scan information
* A recording with downscan information only
* A recording with both side and down scan info (SL2)

Or if you don't have all of the above, just an SL2 file would help. If several people are able to reply and get me files, that would be absolutely perfect.

I will guarantee that any program I come up with to translate these files will be released for free (no cost) and available to anyone who wants a copy. My intent is to allow the Lowrance LSS-1 files to be loaded and viewed in commercial software meant to deal with "real" side scan recordings, including Mosaic programs (Imagine using your LSS-1 to generate a 3-d image of the entire lake bottom).

You can email me through this board, and I'll then provide you with an address to which you can mail example recordings from your fishfinders.

Thanks for reading this very much,