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Default CD players on boat question...

The problem with mounting CD players vertically is NOT skipping. It is the CD getting stuck/jammed when inserted or ejected. Almost all the CD players will play the CD ok, but they can NOT handle insertion the eject properly when the CD is sideways. What happens is the CD on the way out or in, slips and gets jamed against the side of the player. Some units will automatically shut down and go into lock mode requiring service to get it out.

As for CD changer units, they are built to be sideways, most are installed that way to save space. They load CD's differently, the CD is held tightly the entire route of being inserted a ejected and stored in the holder.

Again, like I said, many players will work, but it is hit or miss wether it will or not, and if you call the manufacturers, almost all will tell you they don't support it mounted sideways.

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